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Dual Sub Dodge Regular Mega Cab Box (Face Front) (Sealed) 

*Goes Behind The Seat 

Available colors
  • Following these tips will help your subwoofer box

    1. Place the subwoofer away from sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
    2. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent overheating.
    3. Match the subwoofer's power handling with a compatible amplifier.
    4. Avoid prolonged high volume levels to prevent damage.
    5. Allow a break-in period for optimal performance.
    6. Use high-quality cables for clean signal transfer.
    7. Clean the exterior regularly with a soft, damp cloth.
    8. Handle with care during transportation.
    9. Avoid overloading the subwoofer with low frequencies.
    10. Use appropriate fuses and circuit protection.
    11. Perform periodic checks and maintenance.
    12. Store in a dry, temperature-controlled environment.
  • Return Policy

    Our return policy allows for a 90-day window for returns, provided that the subwoofer box remains in its original condition and has not been installed.

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