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About Us


Texas Boombox Factory is an El Paso based manufacture. All of our boxes are built by hand using the highest quality components available. We are able to beat any price you have been quoted and exceed the competitions standard of quality. Please take the time to review what Texas Boombox can offer you.

Production Scale:

On a daily basis we fill and deliver orders of various sizes, types, and quantities (even custom boxes) with exceptional speed.

The Process:

Our boxes are made in the U.S.A. glued before being stapled, sealed with silicon and the entire outer surface applied with adhesive before carpeting to ensure that the carpet does not drop or fray as other boxes.

Different Materials:

All of our boxes are built with 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch or thicker fiber/particle board or MDF. You will prefer doing business with us over any boombox supplier.

Texas Boombox can build any box you need. All custom box styles are kept confidential. Also, all custom boxes undergo an additional silicon sealing process to ensure strength and clear sound.

Custom Bedliner Boxes:

We also can apply a thick coating of bedliner (spray on) to the boxes. This will ensure the durability for marine grade products. The bedliner will make the box; Scratch Proof, Water Proof, and Dust Repellent.

Custom Plexiglass Boxes:

We can also build boxes made entirely of plexiglass. We utilize special forming equipment to curve the glass to minimize the number of seams and improve the performance of the enclosures (it also looks much better than a completely square box).


We offer the LOWEST prices and UNLIMITED selection with speed, quality, and performance. Other suppliers can only dream of achieving the quality we produce. We look forward to being the solution to your boombox needs.

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